Tripartite House


Addressing issues of urban infill, this sleek modern home  is set on a busy street in a transitional neighborhood.  Located where a vacant apartment stood, this house is part of a grouping of new homes that re-inserts life and street presence back into the neighborhood with values of authenticity, quality, and sustainability.

Three stacked layers divide the public and private realms into a strata of functional zones responding to the occupants needs:  Tripartite House.  The first floor extends outward engaging views in the public realm and embracing connections to the community, the adjacent design studio and greenspace.  Floor to ceiling storefront glass provides infill and transparency between the structural cast-in-place concrete walls.  Thoughtfully designed landscaping elements offer views of nature and further extend the space outward.  The second floor zinc clad cantilevered volume utilizes solid forms focused inward to bedrooms and private spaces.   

Ascending upward with a glass outlook, the third floor captures rooftop space into a breezy sky filled zone where occupants enjoy the evening skyline and sunset above the fray.  By stacking these layers, the home addresses its objectives on an urban site allowing greater openness and visual connection on the first floor while maintaining privacy on the levels above.  Long term livability for a family with children was a key priority along with a durability, maintenance and sustainability.  Despite the appearance as sleek modern home, this home is designed with practicality in mind.  Hidden storage, clever details, durable materials make it easy to maintain.   

The efficient floor plan allows a guest bed room connected to the garden on the first floor, three bedrooms for the family on the second floor along with a flex space connected to the terrace on the third floor.  Board foamed cast in place concrete walls and exposed steel structure add structure and design authenticity to the home.  The kitchen includes unique details such as aluminum backsplash, hidden appliance garage, motorized uppers and hidden tv.  

The home is anticipated to receive LEED platinum status though use of sustainable materials, energy minded features including high performance insulation and AC system, and low flow plumbing.  An expandable south-westerly solar array was designed to offer future energy independence. Glazing features a hydrophilic nanocoating with self-cleaning properties.  Rainwater is harvested in a modular underground collection system connected to a pond and bio-filtration feature at the entry designed to meet the site’s entire irrigation demand, contributing to the anticipated LEED platinum status.  Much attention was given to the scale and rhythm of the street and surrounding context.  The front façade was designed to create an open inviting appearance while buffering noise and distraction from the busy streetscape. Board foamed cast in place concrete walls and zinc cladding add sophisticated texture to the façade.  Greenspaces link common areas forming a connection with neighbors and fostering the idea of community and sustainability