Austin Tech Office

This Austin Tech Office focuses on collaboration in an open office environment along with elements of play in the workplace.  Spaces for formal collaboration include small meeting rooms and video conference room.  Information collaboration is encouraged throughout in areas such as casual seating and break room spaces.  Flexibility for this Austin tech office includes moveable adjustable height workstations, monitor arms, lighting controls and power/data solutions.  Custom fabricated metal screens provide visual connection at the entry while maintaining security and enhancing the design aesthetic of the Austin tech office vibe.  The white color helps to unify textural elements and add a modern feeling while bright pops of color add a vibrant energetic feel.  Exposed ceilings and concrete floors further this design aesthetic with industrial appeal to create the experience of a modern tech office.  Private offices features demountable glass partitions providing acoustical privacy but visual connection to the open plan areas in a team environment.  LED lighting and views to outside with ample light create a pleasant work environment.  Open office workstations are designed with flexibility in mind, adapting to multiple configurations.  Monitor arms fee up space on the worksurface and allow user customization by the Austin tech office end users.  Screens allow visual privacy for the individual while promoting team collaboration.  The entry welcomes visitors while providing screening from the workplace.  The reception desk features industrial steel combined with refined glass and wood elements.    The coffee bar and break area includes seating used for lunches as well as informal collaboration at the island as well as custom banquette seating.  Conference rooms include AV technology and flexible configurations.  Technology is enhanced with extensive cabling and IT infrastructure, video conferencing, server room, and generator powered AC for overtime air as well as disaster recovery considerations.  Capturing the casual and high energy spirit of Austin, this technology focused office is aimed at creating a great place to work.

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