London Office

This commercial interiors project in central London incorporates a collaborative workplace as well as a workplace amenities zone including reception, coffee bar, casual seating as well as large and small conference rooms.  Design elements combine an industrial look with exposed ceilings alongside sleeker high end design elements and materials such as grey back painted glass and glossy white materials.  The focal point of the space is the reception desk, featuring a parametric design with backlit LED panels.  The graphical elements within this parametric design relate to the organization’s work functions and give the space personal identity while relating to other office locations at the same time. 


The collaborative workplace includes an open plan concept with adjustable height furniture designed for flexibly,  markerboard areas for collaboration, individual huddle and phone rooms for breakout sessions and privacy.  Incorporating a combination of open plan workspaces alongside ample areas for privacy, balances the collective needs collaboration alongside the needs of individuals for focused work.   Workplace amenities add informal spaces for meetings and social gatherings.