Flint River Drive Memorial

This multigenerational house is home to 3 generations spanning over 6 decades and each having an imprint into the design. Books in print form the physical and spiritual center of the house, where the home library serves as the main living space and common area connecting the private suites for the older and younger couples. The double story space evokes the feeling of cathedral of knowledge with light filtering in from the linear slits in the limestone wall as well as the clerestory glass above. As an actively used home library, the tall volume helped achieve the desired book capacity while catwalks around the perimeter bridge elements of the home and allow safe access to upper shelves. 


The materials in the home are unified with a neutral palette of timeless materials such as site fabricated walnut millwork and paneling, and natural stone accents to create a warm modern feeling. Much care and thought was placed in the ordering of spatial sequences and the division of public vs private spaces to allow for both the communal and private aspects of multi-generational living. Attention to universal design and aging in place as well as play and safety for young children we incorporated into the home. Thoughtful planning around details such as hardware, faucets, door widths and floor transitions allow for universal design and aging in place without comprising the design. In fact, the home now occupies the site where the older couple once raised their young children and now has come full circle with a new house and the evolving history of the family imprinting their lives in the home.


Sustainability was an important consideration in the design of the home.  Sustainable features include thermally broken Low E insulated windows, a high efficiency  AC system, high performance insulation, low flow plumbing fixtures, energy star appliances, and drought tolerant landscaping.  The home’s orientation limits solar gain from the Southern and Western facades while opening up to the backyard.  Long term durability, ease of maintenance, and appropriate use of materials is a key factor in sustainability and selection of products and materials in this multigenerational house.